During a Covid briefing, gaffe-prone Joe Biden forgets the year – ‘Mentally shot.’


During a Covid briefing, gaffe-prone Joe Biden forgets the year – ‘Mentally shot.’

DURING A WHITE HOUSE PRESS CONFERENCE, JOE BIDEN made another major blunder when he forgot what year it was.

When speaking to reporters about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, US President Barack Obama seemed to be reflecting on the year he defeated Donald Trump in the presidential election.

Biden claimed it was the year 2020 while speaking about the current year.

“There are many reasons to be optimistic about 2020,” he said.

“However, please, for the love of God, take advantage of what is available.”

Biden, who is 79 years old, is the country’s oldest president.

Throughout his decades-long political career, including during his presidency, he has been known for making gaffes and misspeaking.

He’s called Vice President Kamala Harris “President Harris” on several occasions.

Biden referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin as President Trump in another instance from June of last year.

During a speech in October of last year, he also appeared to claim that computers could talk and struggled to pronounce the name of the Long Beach port chief.

He appeared to fall asleep during the COP26 climate conference in November.

He struggled to read from a teleprompter during a speech a few weeks later, mispronouncing “end of quote.”

During the 2020 Presidential Election, Donald Trump referred to US President Barack Obama as “mentally shot.”

Even among allies, however, there are reservations about the president’s mental abilities.

According to a recent PoliticoMorning Consult poll, 50% of registered voters disagree with the statement that “Joe Biden is in good health.”

According to the same poll, 49% of people do not believe Joe Biden is mentally fit.

According to a Havard Harris poll, 53% of voters doubt Biden’s fitness for office, while 58% believe he is too old to be President.

Many Democrats doubt Biden’s claim that he will run for re-election in 2024.


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