Duncan Smith warns of “mass layoffs” as the economy is threatened by work from home.


Duncan Smith warns of “mass layoffs” as the economy is threatened by work from home.

Many people would lose their jobs if working from home is maintained, according to IAIN Duncan Smith, because “ecosystems” established around office buildings will cease to exist.

Former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith issued a grave warning that continuing to allow people to work from home would risk the UK economy, as many restaurant and service sectors located near office buildings would witness a drop in footfall. As a result, many people would lose their employment, and some would need government assistance to stay afloat, which would be disastrous for the Treasury. People were more productive in the office, according to the Conservative MP, and creativity was best done face-to-face.

Working from home debates have consumed Westminster, with several government ministries split on how to reintegrate civil servants to the workplace.

According to reports, barely one out of every four employees has returned to work, and the Department of Health has scrapped plans to implement forced office days.

According to the Daily Mail, an unnamed minister proposed lowering civil officials’ salaries to encourage them to stop working from home because their positions had a London weighting.

Mr Duncan Smith spoke with Nick Ferrari on LBC about the subject, saying, “I think it’s crucial to keep this in balance because public servants have traditionally enjoyed flexible working.”

“People frequently work from home and from the workplace; the question is whether they should be free to say no, I’m not coming into the office at all.

“And I think it has to come to an end, because by the time we all go back in September, with everyone getting double jabbed, there should be pressure to be in the office more than you are away from the office, and I believe that is the case.

“It is critical for a variety of reasons that we forget that the entire private sector, notably in London, but also in other cities such as Leeds and elsewhere, requires civil servants to return to their offices.

“Because there’s an ecology around them made up of cafes, restaurants, pubs, theaters, and other places that provide work.

“And without people returning to their desks, going out for lunches, coffees, or.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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