Due to the Queen’s request, Camilla Parker Bowles must ‘avoid garlic’ while traveling abroad – a ‘no-no’.


Due to the Queen’s request, Camilla Parker Bowles must ‘avoid garlic’ while traveling abroad – a ‘no-no’.

CAMILLA Parker Bowles has been barred from eating a favourite snack while on tour with the Royal Family. The rule was reportedly established by Queen Elizabeth II herself.

As Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla Parker Bowles must adhere to a number of strict royal protocols. These requirements apply not only when she is in the United Kingdom, but also when she is representing the Royal Family abroad.

These limitations, according to the Duchess of Cornwall, even dictate what she can and cannot consume.

Camilla can’t eat traditional local dishes when she visits specific nations, thanks to a royal protocol established by the Queen herself.

The Duchess of Cornwall disclosed that she and the rest of the royal family are forbidden from eating garlic or garlic-based foods while attending official functions abroad.

She told judge Gary Mehigan on Masterchef Australia three years ago that garlic is off the menu.

“I despise to tell you this, but garlic. “Garlic is a no-no,” she stated emphatically.

The judge enquired as to why this was: “Because you’re talking, chatting?”

“Exactly,” Camilla stated. As a result, you must always avoid garlic.”

This could be especially dangerous when traveling to countries like Italy, where garlic is a common element in many cuisines.

The regulation, however, does not only apply to Camilla.

The garlic prohibition is anticipated to be followed by every member of the Royal Family, from the Duchess of Cambridge to Prince Charles.

A similar rule applies to spice, according to Gordon Rayner, a royal correspondent who has attended 20 royal trips.

Among The Telegraph, Rayner said, “The Master of the Household department will be in the reconnaissance party to warn foreign cooks not to cook anything with garlic or too much spice for fear of giving the Queen bad breath.”

Garlic isn’t the only dish that Queen Elizabeth forbids her chefs from preparing.

Despite the fact that fish is frequently served at state meals, any royal on a state visit is prohibited from eating seafood, according to the BBC.

The Monarch is also said to shun shellfish like lobster.

She encourages the other members of the Royal Family to follow the same guideline.

This is to ensure that the Royal Family does not get food poisoning while on tour or attending key events.

Rare meat is the same way. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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