Due to security concerns, MI6 terror spies are now’vetting’ Channel migrants.


Due to security concerns, MI6 terror spies are now’vetting’ Channel migrants.

MI6 has teamed up with the Home Office to screen migrants crossing the English Channel for security hazards. According to sources, the Secret Intelligence Service will send two officers to the migrant processing center in Dover.

It comes after months of back-and-forth, with senior Home Office officials attempting to block MI6 involvement on the grounds that it “wasn’t necessary.” Officers from MI6’s domestic equivalent MI5 are already stationed in the enormous complex of cabins and tents that serves as the official welcome centre in Dover, alongside Border Force officers. With a constant supply of cross-Channel migrants, MI6 approached the UK government in the spring to help with security vetting of asylum seekers.

The arrival of almost 800 refugees on August 24 — a single-day record – prompted MI6 to try again.

It maintained that its watchlists, which focus on foreign threats, should be considered as a critical component in weeding out those who potentially represent a security threat to the UK. And this time, MI6 director Richard Moore was adamant about not taking no for an answer.

After Prime Minister Boris Johnson intervened, MI6 was finally given permission to station two personnel at the center.

With the expulsion of two foreign nationals to Bremen, where they were wanted by Germany’s internal federal intelligence agency, the BfV, the move has already paid off.

Though intelligence officials won’t say why they were wanted, they acknowledged the couple traveled overland to Germany before joining migrants in France and eventually boarding a boat with 30 other individuals to cross the Channel.

“We persuaded the Home Office to allow our overseas intelligence operatives admission to the processing centre,” a Whitehall insider revealed last night.

The little crew has already demonstrated that its list of people – who we know will try to harm us if they get in – is needed.”

At least 17,000 migrants have crossed in small boats so far this year, compared to fewer than 8,500 last year.

In September alone, 4,638 passengers crossed the English Channel in 160 vessels.

The scenario has heightened tensions between London and Paris, with Home Secretary Priti Patel threatening to withhold a £54 million payment to France unless further attempts are taken to stop the crossings.

General Frantz Tavart, the French officer in charge of patrols around the French coast, said he would on Thursday. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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