Due to rising costs, Ryanair has terminated operations at Germany’s busiest airport.


Due to rising costs, Ryanair has ceased operations at Germany’s largest airport.

Due to increased airport charges – which were raised despite the impact of the Covid pandemic – RYANAIR is leaving Germany’s largest airport after four years.

Ryanair, a low-cost airline based in Ireland, is leaving Frankfurt Airport due to high airport fees.

Their new boss, Eddie Wilson, told the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) that they will leave for the final time on March 31.

Fraport, the Frankfurt airport operator, had just raised the charge by 4.3 percent, in a move that a spokesperson for Fraport initially said they regretted.However, Fraport describes the new fee schedule as “extremely moderate” in comparison to other European airports of a similar size, and would have been approved by the Hessian Ministry of Economics and Transport.

Ryanair appeared to disagree with the notion that Fraport’s charge increase was only moderate, claiming that other airports were promoting the recovery of air traffic with lower charges, following the damaging effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the industry. Due to the increased prices, Frankfurt was no longer considered competitive when compared to other European airports.Ryanair has also accused the German government of protecting certain airlines such as Lufthansa with lower charges.

This does not mean that Ryanair’s presence in German airports will end. Two planes will remain at Nuremberg Airport, and Ryanair plans to expand further across Europe this summer with 65 new Boeing B737-8200s.Ryanair first began operating in Frankfurt in 2017, after Fraport launched an incentive program that gave new airlines departing from Frankfurt fee advantages.

The crews stationed in Frankfurt, including the pilots, have already been notified of the closure.All crew members will have the opportunity to find another job within Ryanair, which will be especially important after Ryanair announced its intention to deliver 210 new aircraft in order to grow faster than other airlines following the Covid pandemic.


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