Due to its own “housing problem,” the council refuses to accept any Afghan refugees.


Due to its own “housing problem,” the council refuses to accept any Afghan refugees.

A COUNCIL has been praised for refusing to accept any Afghan refugees, citing a desire to focus on its own “crisis situation for its own people.”

The Torbay Council claims that the area already has a housing shortage and that it will be unable to accommodate Afghans seeking asylum. The government, on the other hand, has asked local governments to provide housing for up to 20,000 refugees.

Torbay’s decision has strained relations between the Lib Dem leadership and Torbay’s Conservative MP Kevin Foster, who has advised him to “get a grip.”

“We’re experiencing real tremendous issues to help our own people, let alone Afghan refugees,” council chairman Steve Darling told Devon Live.

“I don’t think people realize how much of a perfect storm Torbay is experiencing. We’re in the midst of a crisis with our own people.

“Even if we had housing, we’d face hurdles in comparison to other ethnically varied sections of the UK.”

“No one expects a place like Torbay to make the commitment of a huge city, but setting the level at zero is really disappointing,” Torbay MP Foster said.

“There are people who shared the dangers with our forces and supported our mission who are now in grave danger if they stay in Afghanistan, and we all need to help.”

Cllr Darling, according to Mr Foster, needs to “get a grip on what he can do as council leader.”

According to Devon Home Choice, the council’s social housing platform, more than 1.400 households in Torbay were in need of homes as of last month, up from 1,157 in 2019.

Residents have reacted positively to the council’s decision, praising it on social media today.

“We need first priority,” one woman wrote.

Housing migrants before us would be tremendously unfair because there isn’t enough housing to go around for the locals.”

“Good on them,” another person said. “More councils should do the same.”

We don’t have enough houses to host all of our own people.”

“Good,” said a third, “we need to look after our own first, no other country is stepping up to help, we are simply a free ride for them, and we the taxpayers will pay the price in the end.”

“Locals first,” one mother said. The council refused to aid me and my three children while I was homeless!”

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