Due to concerns that Duke is being viewed as a joke, Harry’s PR team has pushed them to “get on the same page.”


Due to concerns that Duke is being viewed as a joke, Harry’s PR team has pushed them to “get on the same page.”

According to a top Hollywood expert, Prince Harry is being “painted as a joke” in the media, and the Duke of Sussex’s PR staff “has to get on the same page” about branding.

Kinsey Schofield, a showbiz journalist, told GB News’ Mark Dolan last night that she doesn’t understand why Prince Harry was juggling in the background of Meghan Markle’s birthday video. Harry made an appearance at the end of his wife Meghan Markle’s 40th birthday video, in which she unveiled a women’s back-to-work program. As he tries to divert his wife, the Duke can be seen juggling in the garden, which can be seen through the window in the backdrop.

Ms Schofield believes Harry is being portrayed as a “joke” rather than a “serious thought leader.”

She advised the Sussexes’ public relations team to “get on the same page.”

“What are they attempting to do with this guy’s brand?” the showbiz journalist wondered.

“What are you trying to achieve with this?”

“I get that they thought it was cute,” she said, “but they want people to respect Harry.” She went on to say, “You have HBO shows like The Prince and the Windsors that portray Harry as a joke, as someone who can’t make his own decisions.”

“You need to position this individual as a thinking leader who is ahead of his time. I’m not sure what they’re up to with him.

“Last time we spoke, you indicated he was being groomed almost as a president would be, with a serious biography coming out, humanitarian activity, climate change worry, and keynote speeches,” Mark Dolan observed.

“But that is not what we witnessed with the juggling clown,” Ms Schofield replied. “They need to get on the same page because if they want Harry to stand up on the same stage as Barack Obama and Joe Biden, he has to break away from the nasty parody that he has become on these TV shows.”

“I feel he is a highly brilliant person. I support him, but I believe this is an ill-advised strategy. It wasn’t necessary.” The Duchess of Sussex announced a charity project to help more women return to work during her birthday video.

Over two million women in the United States and tens of millions throughout the world have quit the labor as a result of the pandemic.

The Duchess, to be precise. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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