Due to a crippling spine condition, I spent 25 years staring at my groin… but any surgery was said to be fatal.


Due to a crippling spine condition, I spent 25 years staring at my groin… but was told that any surgery would kill me.

Doctors warned a man in China who had been folded in half for 25 years due to a crippling spine condition that any surgery could kill him.

When Li Hua was 18 years old, he was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, a rare form of arthritis that caused his spine to curve.

Li’s mother Tang told the South China Morning Post, “He was born a healthy and cheerful person.”

“However, when he was 18, he began to experience back pain.”

Since then, I’ve been transporting him from one hospital to the next.”

His terrible condition had forced him to live with his face pressed up against his thighs, with only 1.86 centimetres between them, since 2009.

“No one thought I’d ever stand up again before the surgery,” Li told the South Morning China Post.

“After all, my head and pelvis were so close together,” says the patient.

Because his family in rural China was unable to find doctors willing to operate on him, the 47-year-old had been unable to stand up straight, eat, or walk properly for more than 25 years.

“In the past, he would get very upset and cry, ‘How come there is no progress after so much treatment? How come others were healed but not me?'” Tang recalled, tears streaming down his face.

“On occasion, he would become depressed.

I always advised him to do some research on the internet.

I’ll take you there if you see someone who might be able to help you.

“I’ll take out a bank loan and pay it back over time.”

Despite her best efforts, Tang was always concerned about who would look after her son after she died.

“My main concern was who would look after him after I passed away,” she explained.

“No one would look after him.

He’d be extremely unhappy.

No one would be able to assist him in using the restroom.

“I had to clean his feces out of the toilet on a regular basis.”

“Who would do such a thing?”

Dr. Tao Hurien, a spinal surgeon 500 miles from Li’s village in Yongzhou, became their lucky break in 2019.

In June 2019, Mr Li traveled to Shenzen with his 71-year-old mother.

“The operation is risky,” Dr Hurien warned Li and his mother Tang before the first surgery.

“He could suffer from haemorrhagic shock, become paralyzed, or even die.”

All of these scenarios require mental preparation.”

Treating the complex spinal condition has been compared to “climbing Mount Everest” by Dr Huiren.

Now I’m able to look into someone else’s eyes.

Mr. Li was described as China’s only ‘three-on’ patient, with his entire body folding in on itself: chin on chest,…

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