Drunk grandmother and her buddy break their legs while sliding down a closed water slide.


Drunk grandmother and her buddy break their legs while sliding down a closed water slide.

A GRANDMOTHER and her friend snuck into a swimming pool during a wild night out and each shattered a leg and badly injured their feet.

Grandma-of-two After plunging down a waterslide at the Aldershot Lido in Hampshire, Claire Vickers, 46, and her companion Barry Douglas, 44, sustained damaged shins and crushed feet. After a night of partying, the two snuck into the Lido at 2 a.m. on August 4.

They snuck under the pool’s perimeter gate and chose to ride the yellow flume slide.

Before Claire sat down and Barry put his legs around her to slide together, they climbed over the slide barrier and up the stairs.

Claire spilled some water down the chute from the foot bath once the water was turned off to make it particularly slick and help her obtain some speed.

They dashed down the stairs, only to discover that a barrier had been erected at the tube’s exit.

Both of their legs crashed into it before they could respond.

“I almost plunged headfirst, and I would have died,” Claire added.

“The pain was awful, and I couldn’t think straight.” It seemed like a scene from a horror movie like ‘SAW.’

“I was banging and banging and attempting to hold it up with my foot falling off.” The blood was pouring out of me, and I was becoming dizzy and chilly.

For nearly two hours, the pair was stuck inside the slide, screaming in pain and sitting on their own blood.

When three Hampshire Constabulary officers received a call from worried residents who suspected kids had broken into the pool at 3.46 a.m., they were rescued.

The officers summoned paramedics, who helped them climb over the slope and into the ambulance.

Their injuries were too severe for treatment at Frimley Park Hospital in Camberley, so they were moved to St George’s Hospital in Tooting.

Claire awoke in the hospital to discover her daughter, Elle, 24, and sister Shannon, 22, crying over her.

Her right leg was entirely fractured, and she shattered every bone in her left foot, causing her shin bone to protrude through her flesh.

“I’ve never felt anguish like that in my life – and I’ve given birth to five children,” Claire added. “Brinkwire Summary News”. I could feel every bone in my body with every movement I made.


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