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Drivers left bemused by ‘hilarious’ man waving at cars with a BAG on his head

DRIVERS have been left bemused by a man who stands waving at cars — with a paper bag over his head.

The mystery man, wearing a blue jacket and trousers, was spotted on a grass verge in front of a row of houses.

He has a brown bag on his head with holes cut for the eyes.

He was snapped at the side of the A37, where he regularly stands waving at passing traffic, near the village of Farrington Gurney, Somerset.

Amanda Hughes, who took a picture of him as she passed, said: “I was shocked at first as I wasn’t expecting it and thought it was hilarious.

“Good for him — I wouldn’t have the guts to do it myself.”

She shared the image on a community Facebook group.

One user responded: “Someone has to have a sense of humour, 2020 needs one.”

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