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Dramatic moment Indian fighter pilot is forced to jettison fuel tanks

This is the dramatic moment an Indian Air Force fighter pilot was forced to jettison his fuel tanks and practice bombs after flying into a flock of birds.


The terrifying incident happened on Friday in Ambala in northern India after the aircraft suffered engine failure due to a bird strike soon after take off.

The Jaguar fighter jet took off from Ambala airbase on a training mission carrying two additional fuel tanks and practice bombs.

The pilot quickly jettisoned the plane’s external fuel tanks and practice bombs, and managed to land the aircraft safely, averting a major disaster.

Though most of the cargo fell within the airbase, one of the fuel tanks landed in a residential area near Ambala airbase. But no one was injured.

A 48-second video clip posted by IAF shows the aircraft taking off and a few seconds later, dropping the fuel tanks and practice bombs.

‘The pilot assessed the situation correctly and jettisoned external stores as per the standard operating procedures.

The prompt and correct action by the pilot enabled him to recover the crippled aircraft on single engine and carry out a safe landing at Air Force Station, Ambala,’ said IAF in a statement.

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