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Dramatic footage shows fugitive burglar’s Audi A5 ramming police cars in 70mph pursuit

This is the shocking moment a fugitive tries to evade capture during a 70mph police chase before escaping on foot.  

Patrick Jones, 28, from Liverpool, who headed the high-speed pursuit after carrying out a spate of burglaries in Wiltshire, was spotted making his way north along the A500 in Cheshire in November 2018.  

Jones, who was involved in a ‘well planned and highly sophisticated operation’ which targeted commercial properties, was eventually stopped by police after they successfully deployed a stinger to deflate the tyres to his red Audi A5.

The fugitive then fled on foot across the dual carriageway and was on the run until he was identified and arrested in the West Midlands last month. 

At Winchester Crown Court today Jones was jailed for two years for taking part in a series of high-value burglaries at commercial premises across Salisbury and south Wiltshire.  

He was also disqualified from driving for eight years and three months and handed another six months behind bars for dangerous driving, which will run consecutively.

During the dash-cam footage, Jones, who is spotted driving the red Audi A5, speeds along the dual carriageway as several police cars follow him and try to ram his car.

He then veers off to the side of the road into an embankment and runs away from the scene on foot across the carriageway.  

Sentencing, Judge Andrew Barnett said that Jones ‘continued to drive at colossal speed’, which was ‘one of the worst cases of driving’ he had seen.      

The other occupants of the car were detained at the scene and have since been given custodial sentences for their involvement in the burglaries, which targeted high value premises.

Police said the thieves made off with £45,000 after one such ‘job’.

Jones was later identified after police searched the abandoned vehicle and found a receipt from a McDonald’s restaurant near Birmingham which was time stamped just prior to the pursuit. 

Officers were then able to retrieve CCTV of the Audi pulling up and the driver walking into the restaurant.

A police officer from Liverpool was subsequently able to identify him as Jones.

Det Con Cerys Powell, of Wiltshire Police, said: ‘We welcome the fact that Jones has been brought to justice thanks to the skill and dedication of officers from Wiltshire Police with the support of colleagues from neighbouring forces.

‘We hope this sentence sends out a clear message that Wiltshire is not an easy target.

‘We have the skill, dedication and resources to bring offenders to justice and will not hesitate to do so.’

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