Dr. Shola slams Leadsom for calling Boris “one of the world’s great communicators.”


Dr. Shola slams Leadsom for calling Boris “one of the world’s great communicators.”

Andrea Leadsom, the Conservative Party’s heavyweight, defended Boris Johnson after he was widely chastised for his bungled speech to the CBI, and clashed with activist Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu during a tense debate on LBC.

Following Boris Johnson’s disastrous speech at the CBI annual conference, where he made car noises, misplaced his notes, and waxed lyrical about his love of Peppa Pig, Andrea Leadsom backed him.

Ms Leadsom agreed that Mr Johnson was “one of the world’s great communicators,” prompting Dr Shola to scoff and be chastised for “blasphemy” after exclaiming “Jesus lord.”

Dr. Shola was enraged by Ms Leadsom’s comments, and the Tory MP reaffirmed her support for Mr Johnson.

Ms Leadsom appeared on LBC’s Cross Question with Iain Dale, where the panel discussed Mr Johnson’s speech to the CBI.

Ms Leadsom downplayed the speech’s gravity, simply stating that the Prime Minister was having an “off day.”

“I absolutely disagree with Shola that everything he says is a disaster, which is simply not true,” she said.

“He is, without a doubt… one of the world’s most gifted communicators…”

Dr. Shola exclaimed, “Jesus lord,” because she couldn’t believe what she was hearing, but host Dale intervened, saying that some listeners had complained about her blasphemy.

Ms Leadson found it offensive as well, and requested that Dr Shola stop.

“I’m not blaspheming, but I take the point,” the activist responded. “I think it’s an exaggeration to call him one of the world’s greatest communicators – he isn’t.”

“I’ll accept the fact that you don’t agree,” Ms Leadsom continued. “I think he’s a fantastic communicator.”

“I also think he’s a really smart guy, and everyone knows he can be disorganized, just like you said, Shola.”

“He was clearly having a bad day and misplaced his place in his speech, but it’s not a major issue.”

“I mean, he was making a very valid point about British creativity when he said that a statist approach would not produce something as amazing as Peppa Pig dressed up as a giant pink hairdryer.”

Ms Leadsom said she enjoyed Peppa Pig and that her husband could imitate Daddy Pig well.

Cabinet ministers and other prominent Conservatives have defended Mr Johnson.

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