Dr Sara’s diabetes diet: The takeout you should AVOID if you don’t want to get high blood sugar symptoms –


Dr Sara’s diabetes diet: The takeout you should AVOID if you don’t want to get high blood sugar symptoms –

Eating certain foods or adhering to a specific diet plan can cause DIABETES symptoms. By eating takeaways, you may be increasing your risk of high blood sugar. Dr Sara Kayat of ITV This Morning discusses the worst takeaway you might get, since it could increase your risk of developing diabetic symptoms.

Diabetes is a widespread disease that affects about five million people in the United Kingdom. Eating particular meals or not getting enough exercise could trigger the disease. Dr Sara from ITV This Morning advised that saturated fats and carbohydrates could raise your risk of diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes accounts for almost 90% of all diabetes cases.

Type 2 diabetes is defined as a condition in which the body either fails to produce enough insulin or fails to respond to insulin.

The hormone is responsible for converting blood sugar into usable energy.

Sugar builds up in the bloodstream when there isn’t enough insulin, which can lead to a variety of problems.

If you have diabetes, it’s critical that you eat a nutritious diet and keep your blood sugar levels under control.

While takeout dinners are convenient, consuming too many of them may increase your risk of blood sugar increases.

However, if you’re starving for a takeout, Dr Sara advises that you don’t consume too many pizzas.

While it’s fine to treat yourself now and then, she advises against eating takeout pizzas on a regular basis.

Dr Sara told Express Health, “I always hate to say this because it’s definitely one of my favorites, but a pizza isn’t ideal.”

“I assume because there’s so much cheese on top, there’s a lot of carbohydrates and saturated fat.

“We all know that no one ever chooses the vegetable toppings; instead, they invariably choose something fatty like pepperoni, which is a highly processed meat and hence perhaps not the best…

“Having said that, it’s still delicious. So, once again, moderation is the key… Don’t go without that huge greasy pizza; just make sure you leave enough time between orders.”

However, just because you have diabetes doesn’t mean you have to give up pizza entirely, according to Diabetes UK.

Instead, go for a smaller serving and be selective with your toppings.

Reduce the use of deep pan pizza bases and opt for a thin crust variation instead.

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