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Dozens of horrifically malnourished and dehydrated dogs rescued from Spanish farm from hell

DOZENS of horrifically malnourished and dehydrated dogs have been rescued from a farm in Spain.

Local police raided the site, near the town of Quintanar de la Orden in the central province of Toledo, on Sunday.

A total of 41 dogs were found near-starved and crowded into cages in an “unhygienic” building.

Footage also showed dozens of the dogs in a dusty yard, some of them clawing at the wire fence containing them.

A woman who lived at the farm, said to be the owner of the dogs, was charged with animal abuse after being questioned by police.

The operation reportedly came after a tip-off from a local animal welfare group.

A police statement read: “Thanks to this information it was possible to save the lives of 41 dogs.”

It added that the animals “displayed serious symptoms of malnutrition, organic deterioration, physical weakening, and dehydration.”

“It is not clear why she had so many dogs which she kept in such terrible conditions,” it said.

Twenty-nine of the dogs were so dehydrated that they required intravenous fluids after the rescue, though all are now said to be recovering.

All the animals have now been left in the care of various animal charities.

A court decision will determine what happens to them next.

They had reportedly not been microchipped and police were unable to recover any of the paperwork on their health that an owned is legally required to hold.

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