‘Don’t go red and green at the same time!’ Esther McVey has a quarrel with an ex-Labour MP over climate change.


‘Don’t go red and green at the same time!’ Esther McVey has a quarrel with an ex-Labour MP over climate change.

ESTHER MCVEY has attacked left-wing environmental policies as “bankrupting the country” in the fight against climate change.

Esther McVey, a Conservative MP, has warned that the UK cannot “go green and go red,” and she has argued the best approach for the country to become more energy efficient. On GB News on Saturday, the Tory MP fought with former Labour MP Caroline Flint over Britain’s efforts to achieve net-zero emissions. “Your government has been in power for the past ten years – maybe they should get a move on,” Flint snarled.

“I have solar panels, and I have a rain harvester,” Ms McVey said.

“I am a preserver, a conservative, and I believe in environmental problems.

“However, I would never wish to put the country into bankruptcy.

“As a country, we don’t go green and red at the same time, and that is something we need to make sure we do right.”

It occurred after Ms Flint chastised the Conservative government for failing to address the issue of energy-inefficient housing.

“I campaigned in parliament for actually getting some fix on how the energy market was working, and David Cameron and Theresa May finally did something about it,” she said.

“However, the cheapest energy is the energy that we don’t consume since it is escaping through our windows, roofs, and doors.

“Because there is no energy efficiency, the sooner the government can get to work making the homes we build and the homes we already have more energy efficient, the better.

“That’s how we’re going to save money on the bills,” the former Labour MP stated.

It comes as President Alok Sharma of the COP26 climate meeting has been chastised for visiting more than 30 nations in seven months.

“[…] has Mr Sharma and his crew never heard of Zoom?” wrote former BBC presenter John Humphrys.

“While some of us (including myself) would prefer root canal surgery to Zoom ‘meetings,’ there’s no denying they function.

“Even the most cynical of our civil servants and bankers have found that during our interminable lockdowns.”

Others have called Mr Sharma’s inability to follow Covid quarantine standards “completely and absolutely reckless.”

“Again, this Government is making up a law to benefit this Government and not other people,” Liberal Democrat MP Christine Jardin told the BBC.

What about all the families that might appreciate hearing the “Brinkwire Summary News”?


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