Don’t accept Maros’ nonsense; the EU is attempting to split up the United Kingdom. ADYE, JAYNE.


Don’t accept Maros’ nonsense; the EU is attempting to split up the United Kingdom. ADYE, JAYNE.

THE NORTHERN IRELAND PROTOCOL is an affront to UK sovereignty, and it has received no support from Unionists in Northern Ireland, despite the fact that support is meant to be required for the Protocol’s fundamental operation due to its ties to the Good Friday Agreement.

The concessions made by Maro efovi last night are certainly appreciated by Brexiteers, but his words from the start make a joke of the EU’s assertions that the Protocol is fixed in stone! Clearly, these could have been conceivable the first time around, but the EU continues to try – by the back door, it appears – to create authority over Northern Ireland, which is a part of the UK. The EU’s alleged 80 percent reduction in required checks is unquestionably a nice offer, but we are a sovereign nation, including Northern Ireland. There is no reason why the United Kingdom should be compelled to perform border inspections on products traveling within its boundaries.

Mr. efovi, on the other hand, made a mistake in one area. He referred to the United Kingdom as a “third country” on several occasions, but subsequently distinguished Northern Ireland as a different entity.

This is not the case, as much as the EU would like it to be. Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom, and this is not debatable! The EU is clearly attempting to draw a dividing line within the United Kingdom, as evidenced by this speech.

Other than to characterize the UK Government as an opponent, why would Maro efovi be talking Northern Ireland losing out on investments if it quits the Single Market?

Sowing divisiveness in an already contentious scenario like Northern Ireland is plain foolish, if not downright deadly.

Mr. efovi is fond of bragging about his discussions with “stakeholders” in Northern Ireland.

This is all well and well, but the United Kingdom Government, not the European Union, represents the people of Northern Ireland, and attempts to portray those campaigning for revisions to the Protocol as out of touch will fail.

All of this is only window dressing until the European Court of Justice’s power over Northern Ireland is lifted, because no matter how many checks are carried out. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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