‘Donkeys leading the way’ At the Reform UK conference, Richard Tice attacks Boris’ ‘Con-Socialists.’


‘Donkeys leading the way’ At the Reform UK conference, Richard Tice attacks Boris’ ‘Con-Socialists.’

During Reform UK’s first party congress in Manchester, Richard Tice criticized Boris Johnson’s “incompetent” Conservative Party.

Mr Tice, 57, piled the pressure on Boris Johnson’s Conservatives by holding Reform UK’s party conference just a stone’s throw away. The ex-businessman appeared to target disgruntled Tory voters with his half-hour address, promising a low-tax future for Britain.

The former East of England MEP told supporters at a rebranded Brexit Party event: “This incredible country, and we as a whole, are being let down.

“We are a nation of lionesses and lions, guided by donkeys.”

The former businessman said shortly after the audience erupted in applause: “It’s amazing how they [the government]can say one thing one day and the next week you’ll know that believing the reverse is more likely to happen.

“They can’t be trusted, and they’re completely inept.”

The mainstream parties, on the other hand, aren’t going to appreciate this one. This is a photo from today’s @reformparty uk conference. twitter.com/ne0yjXC0YfT Ice’s attack on the Conservatives, or “Con-Socialists,” comes only weeks after the Prime Minister’s manifesto-busting pledge to hike national insurance contributions to pay for social care and the NHS gave Reform UK a lift in the polls.

“The Con-socialists have become the party of high taxes, heavy regulation, and the nanny state – and all of this leads to sluggish growth,” the co-founder of Leave.EU added.

“We didn’t vote for Brexit in order to become a taxed, controlled, and boring European social democracy.

“We did it to become the envy of the world as a vibrant, brave, ambitious, low-tax, wisely controlled turbo of a nation.”

Ex-Daily Mail journalist Isabel Oakeshott and communist-turned-peer Clare Fox joined Mr Tice on stage.

According to GB News, the Reform UK leader’s presence in Manchester was “warmly embraced” by “disaffected” Conservatives.

Tice intends to outflank the Conservative Party on their otherwise natural ground with his low-tax, low-regulation economic plans, which include raising the income tax threshold from £12500 to £20000.

“It’s a basic economic concept that the Tories appear to have forgotten,” the 57-year-old stated.

Reform The Battle Bus of the United Kingdom lands in Manchester. “The Conservative boiler ban will freeze your grandmother!” he warns supporters. pic.twitter.com/wXPHWycBry Tice, on the other hand, used his conference to criticize Boris Johnson’s climate change policy.

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