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Donald Trump’s ‘Spray Tan’ Image Mocked On Twitter [PHOTO]

Donald Trump’s face with spray tan did not impress many netizens. 

Mental health counselor and author Jeffrey Guterman shared a snap of the president taken on Friday on Twitter. In the snap, Trump’s face looks burnt, but according to social media users, the POTUS’ face appeared like that because he was using spray tan. Guterman added that the photo was taken by William Moon. Several shared the picture online, criticizing it.

“Looks like he burned his forehead with a curling iron,” @rockinrob7970 wrote.

“Goddamn he’s ugly. And to think he has been sitting in judgment of people’s appearance all these years. what a freak,” @dalesnwaves added.

“Clown makeup,” @Resa_Two opined.

“How SEXY! His beautiful fake hair moving so beautifully with the wind! That beautiful look of evil he has!  Ok. Now I’m gonna go and vomit…BRB!” @Chica_LeoLatina wrote.

“Trump would hate it if this picture went viral,” @fohtohgirl added.

Another netizen said that the shot was “horrible” and wondered why the White House allowed it to be published. Online user @manicinmass added that Trump had no chin and a turkey neck on top of his fake tan and pointed out the horrible loss of his combover.

Meanwhile, several suggested that Trump should fire his makeup artist and photographer or anyone who was involved in applying his spray tan. Many blamed the two for the photo where the POTUS looked terrible.

“More than 2 lost their job today,” @Mikesquires7 wrote.

“It’s the “real” Donald Trump; not sure this photographer will be keeping his job,” @Camerams agreed.

“William Moon about to get fired,” another added hinting that the photographer will be losing her job.

“Wonder who sprays on his tan for him? Will be fired for sure. But the hair looks like a lot more than he really has,” @attujchuar wrote.

Meanwhile, Trump, who sparked dementia rumors recently, was once caught speaking about Melania as if she was not standing next to him in a video. In the 2017  clip, the POTUS said his wife Melania wanted to be with them at the time, but his actions sparked confusion as the FLOTUS was right next to him.

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