Donald Trump’s social media platform has been dubbed an “app of lies” as its launch date approaches.


Donald Trump’s social media platform has been dubbed an “app of lies” as its launch date approaches.

DONALD TRUMP’S new media company, Truth social, plans to launch its own social media app on February 21st, but the former president’s latest venture has been slammed on social media.

Truth social is the Trump Media and Technology Group’s (TMTG) alternative to Twitter, according to an Apple Inc App Store listing, and is available for pre-order before going live on President’s Day.

The app will be released 13 months after Donald Trump was banned from Facebook and Twitter for encouraging his supporters to take part in the US Capitol attack on January 6, 2017.

Many Twitter users slammed Apple for promoting Trump’s new app.

@MaasiesMess, a Twitter user, slammed Apple and suggested Trump was a traitor.

“I have a problem with you, Apple, allowing a traitorous con, impeached former president to launch his own app of lies,” she said.

Another user, @SteveCaudell, claimed that the app’s release was an act of vengeance.

“Trump simply wants to do whatever he can to harm Twitter after they permanently blocked him,” he said.

He’s a vengeful individual.”

There was also support for the former President, with user @SunilKumarAus claiming that the app will be a viable alternative to ‘woke’ social media.

“People with millions of followers who despise the wokes are looking forward to Trump’s social media app,” he said.

“Freedom-loving people will flock to Trump’s app.”

“It won’t just be a conservative app.”

It will be for everyone who believes in liberty.”

According to demo photos, the app offers features similar to Twitter, such as following people and trending topics.

Posts will reportedly be referred to as “truths” rather than “tweets.”

For TMTG, the launch is the first of three steps in a three-step process.

The second is TMTG(plus), a video-on-demand subscription service that includes entertainment, news, and podcasts.

According to a recent investor presentation, TMTG also plans to launch a podcast network.


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