Donald Trump’s new book has been harshly criticized as a “Instagram photo dump.”


Donald Trump’s new book has been harshly criticized as a “Instagram photo dump.”

DONALD TRUMP’S new book was mocked by Jimmy Kimmel on Monday, who compared it to a “Instagram photo dump” throughout his presidency.

‘Our Journey Together,’ a book of over 300 images taken during the president’s one term in office, is available now. It will be released in the beginning of next month.

According to The Independent, the book costs £172 [(dollar)230] for a signed copy and £57 [(dollar)74.99] for the normal edition.

Winning Team Publishing, co-founded by Donald Trump Jr. and Sergio Gor, will publish Mr. Trump’s next book.

In 2020, Mr Gor worked on Mr Trump’s re-election campaign.

The book, according to Mr. Kimmel, is “an Instagram photo dump.”

Mr. Kimmel said on his show that Donald Trump Jr. “says that his father picked every single photo and wrote all the comments himself — which is exactly how my son’s preschool teacher explains his projects to his mother.”

The book is being marketed by the former president as a suitable Christmas present for his supporters.

The book “chronicles the magnificence of the last four years with striking photos unlike anything else that has been released,” according to Mr Trump.

Mr. Kimmel wasn’t the only one who thought the book was ridiculous.

Many Twitter users mocked the former president’s choice of a pictorial book as his first post-presidential offering, rather than regular writing.

“Only (dollar)75 bucks for a book of photos,” Illinois congressman and Trump impeachment advocate Adam Kinzinger tweeted.


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