Dominic Raab has sparked outrage after allegedly escaping quarantine after a trip to France.


Dominic Raab has sparked outrage after allegedly escaping quarantine after a trip to France.

DOMINIC RAAB has received backlash after being permitted to skip quarantine after his vacation to France.

After returning from a diplomatic trip to France, the Foreign Secretary did not quarantine. Mr. Raab was in Paris on July 27 for a meeting with his French colleague, Yves Le-Drian. Returning from France, which was on the amber-plus list at the time, meant that newcomers had to quarantine.

Although the regulations for quarantining after visiting France have since been loosened, Mr Raab was required to isolate for 10 days at the time of his travel.

Mr Raab, on the other hand, took advantage of a provision that exempted Cabinet ministers from quarantine.

He met with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta in London just one day after his return.

On the evening of July 28, Mr Rabb had a meeting with Princess Anne.

He said this at a global education summit when he met other dignitaries from around the world.

He met with the leaders of Malawi, Sierra Leone, Somalia, and Niger at the summit.

The Foreign Minister of the United Kingdom then paid a visit to an Oxford-based vaccination manufacturer.

The Labour Party’s chair, Anneliese Dodds, told the Sunday Mirror that the government had “one rule for them and another for everyone else.”

“No wonder the Conservatives don’t grasp the turmoil they’ve created when ministers don’t follow the rules themselves,” she continued.

Mr Raab’s office, on the other hand, defended his conduct, saying, “He’s the Foreign Secretary.”

“It is his responsibility to represent the United Kingdom abroad.”

“The Foreign Secretary goes on diplomatic business within the rules,” a spokesperson for the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) stated.

“It is his job to represent the United Kingdom’s interests abroad.

“Security, trade, and international development are all included.”


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