Dominic Cummings’ primetime BBC interview backfires, comparing him to a deranged cult leader.


Dominic Cummings’ primetime BBC interview backfires, comparing him to a deranged cult leader.

DOMINIC CUMMINGS resembled a “crazy cult leader” in a BBC interview that failed badly to achieve his goal of toppling the government.

Boris Johnson’s former main advisor has been increasingly critical of the present administration, claiming there was a plan to depose him just weeks after the landslide election in 2019. The Vote Leave campaign director made no secret of his hatred for Mr Johnson’s wife, Carrie Symonds, in an explosive sit-down interview with BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg.

He went on to accuse her of wielding the true power in Number 10 after referring to her as the Prime Minister’s girlfriend.

Mr Cummings resigned in November after losing a power fight with Mrs Johnson alongside close ally Lee Cain.

Political analyst Gordon Rayner, analyzing the effects from the bombshell interview, said it was unlikely to achieve Mr Cummings’ goal of inflicting a death blow to the Conservative government.

“If he thought Dominic Cummings: The Interview meant settling scores with his numerous adversaries, the opposite proved to be the case as viewers got the chance to delve into his soul,” he wrote in the Telegraph.

“As he unveiled his grandiose aspirations to overturn the system, he resembled a deranged cult leader more and more.

“He and his erstwhile Vote Leave acolytes conspired to depose Boris Johnson ‘within days’ of the landslide general election victory, he claimed, because ‘we’ knew better,” he said.

“It was ‘ludicrous’ that Mr Johnson was in power, he said, and he was ‘obviously’ attempting to bring him down, and ‘the sooner the better, the better, for sure.’”

“He depicted the Prime Minister as a fool constantly, but it was he himself who was utterly weakened by the interview,” he continued.

“He looked like a man clinging to a version of himself that no longer exists, wearing the same wrinkled white shirt he wore in his Number 10 heyday.”

During the interview, Mr Cummings alleged that he and his friends began contemplating Mr Johnson’s future in January, fearing for their careers.

“By the summer, either we’ll all have gone from here, or we’ll be in the process of trying to get rid of (Mr Johnson) and bring someone else in as Prime Minister,” he told the BBC.

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