Doctors and scientists advise against administering Covid vaccines to children who are considered to be at low risk.


Doctors and scientists advise against administering Covid vaccines to children who are considered to be at low risk.

More than thirty doctors, scientists, and MPs have signed a letter to the government’s vaccine watchdog urging it to “reassess” the Covid vaccine rollout for healthy 12-15 year olds, citing new data indicating that the vaccine’s potentially serious side effects are likely to outweigh any potential benefits.

Twelve scientists, medical experts, and 21 peers and MPs have signed the letter, which includes the former president of the Royal College of General Practitioners, a former government vaccine advisor, paediatricians, and infectious disease experts, as well as 21 politicians and peers.

It claims that the JCVI’s and the Chief Medical Officer’s risk-benefit calculations were based on “less than complete data on both the harms and benefits of vaccinating children compared to the evidence now available.”

It cites new research that shows the risk of myocarditis in young men and boys is up to 14 times higher following vaccination than after infection.

“It’s crucial that, if we are to proceed with the mass double vaccination of healthy children, we are absolutely certain this policy will do more good than harm,” it says, citing the high level of naturally acquired immunity to infection and the replacement of the Delta variant by the milder Omicron.

The justification for vaccinating children was to provide “marginal benefits” such as reducing time spent out of school due to covid infection, but it cites new data showing that vaccines are no longer effective at preventing Omicron infection.

“Furthermore, the insignificant risks of Covid infection to children have become even more nugatory if, as it appears, Omicron is associated with less severe disease, whereas the benefits of natural infection (rather than vaccination) in terms of longer lasting immunity are becoming clearer,” it says.

“We urge the JCVI to review this new evidence and provide updated advice to the Government regarding the mass vaccination of healthy 12-15 year olds,” the report concludes.

“The JCVI made a very sensible and laudable recommendation when it advised the Government against mass vaccination of healthy children against Covid-19 last September,” said signatory Professor Brent Taylor, Professor Emeritus of Community Child Health, UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, and former JCVI member.

The Committee had legitimate concerns about the unknown potential harms of.

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