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‘Distressing’ video shared from Tas crash

Distressing vision of a fatal motorcycle crash in northern Tasmania has been shared on social media after the rider’s GoPro was taken from the scene, police say.

A 28-year-old man was killed in the early hours of Sunday in Launceston when he collided with a car.

He had a GoPro attached to his helmet, which police say was taken from the crash site.

It contained footage of the accident and of the man riding prior to the crash.

Inspector Ruth Orr said the GoPro likely became dislodged from his helmet.

“Someone has removed the GoPro from the crash scene and disturbingly shared the distressing footage on it via social media platforms and Facebook Messenger,” she said on Wednesday.

Police have asked for the GoPro to be returned and at this stage are not wanting to question whoever took it.

Insp Orr has asked people to stop sharing the video, which will provide crucial evidence for the coronial investigation into the man’s death.

“(The video sharing) is creating further distress to the deceased man’s family at what is an already difficult time,” she said.

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