Disruptive weather is expected to send temperatures falling across the continent, according to the BBC.


Disruptive weather is expected to send temperatures falling across the continent, according to the BBC.

The BBC WEATHER forecasts very disruptive weather over the continent this weekend, with temperatures falling.

For the “foreseeable future,” according to BBC Weather meteorologist Stav Danaos, conditions will be quite unsettled across the continent. “For the foreseeable future, the north and northwest of Europe appear quite turbulent, very autumnal indeed, thanks to a vigorous jet whipping up pockets of low pressure,” Mr Danaos added.

“It will bring damp and windy weather from west to east,” says the forecast.

“To the south, it’s mostly dry with plenty of sunshine, with the occasional rain or thunderstorm thrown in for good measure.

“Across the Balkans, we’ve seen slightly cooler winds blowing towards Greece and the islands.

“It’s sunny and mild across the eastern Mediterranean.

“Temperatures in Greece will gradually improve during the coming week.”

“It’s going to be quite disturbed into France, the UK, the low nations, and Scandinavia,” he said, “with a ring of rain heading eastwards.”

“A extremely disruptive region of low pressure might bring wet and windy weather to the northwest of the continent on Saturday.”

The UK’s balmy weather is finished, with temperatures likely to drop below autumnal averages – with wind and rain sweeping the country.

As the UK enters autumn, heavy rain is forecast throughout the week, with the wettest locations expected to be western Scotland, Wales, and northwest England.

Winds in the east of England are anticipated to reach 69 miles per hour on Wednesday, with winds averaging 35 miles per hour across the UK until the weekend.

Throughout the week, there will be a mix of sunshine and showers, but temperatures will be cooler than last week, when the south of England reached the upper 20s.

Temperatures are likely to revert to normal for this time of year, with the peak temperature of 18C expected across the UK this week.

Some places, primarily in eastern Scotland and eastern England, will have up to 25mm of rain each day, while the rest of the country will see between 10-15mm.

North-west England and south-west Scotland could receive up to 30mm of rain in only 12 hours on Wednesday.

“There’s a band of heavy rain heading into the southwest of the UK on Tuesday, in particular,” Met Office spokesman Stephen Dixon said. “The South East will hold on to the drier weather for longer, but this band of rain goes eastward across the UK.”

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