‘Disappointing!’ Sajid Javid criticizes England players for refusing to take the punch, saying, “They’re role models.”


‘Disappointing!’ Sajid Javid criticizes England players for refusing to take the punch, saying, “They’re role models.”

SAJID JAVID has chastised five members of England’s football squad for allegedly refusing to receive the coronavirus vaccine, expressing his dissatisfaction given the players’ status as “role models.”

Following a revelation in The Sun tabloid that made the charges, the Health Secretary expressed his concerns to Times Radio. The news comes despite the fact that the organizers of next year’s World Cup in Qatar intend to ban any unvaccinated players, thus placing the squad’s members in jeopardy.

Mr. Javid explained to the BBC how a “massive vaccine wall of defense” is being built in the United Kingdom, but the news from the England squad was not encouraging.

“I would simply plead to these folks, whether they are players, whatever it is… that the immunizations are working,” he stated.

“Assist in protecting yourself and people around you!”

Mr Javid recognized that the players had “taken a deliberate choice,” but added that “it is disappointing, of course.”

The Health Secretary went on to say that the footballers are serious role models in Britain who can help others get the vaccine and protect themselves.

“They are role models in society,” he remarked. I believe that people, particularly young people, will look up to them.

“And they should be aware of it, as well as the impact it may make in terms of motivating others.”

The remarks come after a report earlier this week that claimed only seven of the 20 Premier League clubs had completely vaccinated 50% or more of their squads.

While the overall average is said to be around one-third of the total number of players.

Liverpool Football Club claims to have stabbed 99 percent of their players.

Jurgen Klopp compared refusing the vaccine to driving under the influence of alcohol.

“I explain it a little bit like drink-driving,” Mr Klopp added. We were probably all in a circumstance where we had a few beers and thought to ourselves, “I can drive.”

“But this law isn’t in place to protect me; it’s in place to protect everyone else because I’m upset and want to drive a car.” And we recognize it as a law!” It comes after England’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Van-Tam held a captain’s briefing on the subject of vaccine uptake last month and released a film for players in which he discusses the benefits and debunks myths surrounding the vaccine.

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