Disabled dogs compete in the world’s first pet Paralympics in this adorable video.


Disabled dogs compete in the world’s first pet Paralympics in this adorable video.

Over the weekend, the world’s first pet Paralympics were held, with canines of all kinds and sizes eligible to compete.

Hundreds of canines got their paws in gear for the all-inclusive Petsure Games, which took place over the weekend at the Bath and West Country Festival. Dogs from many walks of life entered, including healthy, puppy, elderly, disabled, and those with pre-existing health concerns.

The Games included games such as jump-less jumps for less abled pets and a scent-based retrieve for vision impaired dogs, which were devised in collaboration with world-class agility instructors.

Instagram star Puggy Smalls, veteran cricket pundit Henry Blofeld OBE, and TV vet Dr. Scott Miller were among the special guests on hand to award medals to the winners and offer pet owner advise.

“I’ve been involved in some crazy things, but this takes the doggy biscuit — great fun!” added Mr Blofeld. “Congratulations to all of the canine competitors; each and every one of them is a winner in my book.”

“The Petsure Games are all in the name of fun and inclusion,” stated Dr. Miller. They draw attention to the inequities that pet owners confront in trying to keep their furry companions safe and healthy.

Lola, an 11-year-old three-legged Staffie from New Forrest, was one of the winners. She was rescued as a puppy, but when she was two years old, she had cancer in her foot, which had to be amputated.

Lola, on the other hand, didn’t allow her impairment stop her from whizzing around the course, effortlessly navigating the Bone Bridge, Jump-less Jump, and running tunnels.

“I have never seen anything like this, it is absolutely amazing, very inclusive,” Lola’s owner Claire Westcott remarked. We appreciated how Lola was able to participate and have so much fun.”

“We launched the Petsure Games to highlight the injustices against pets with pre-existing medical illnesses – Petsure will look to give fair cost pet insurance to cats and dogs across the country,” stated Brad May, Petsure Chief Marketing Officer.


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