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Diners can get carried away with posh steak at a new London restaurant – as it comes in a briefcase

A NEW London restaurant has found an unusual way to pack in the flavours – by serving their food in old suitcases.

Customers at Jolie in Chelsea can enjoy a meal from a wooden briefcase complete with mental hinges and a leather handle.

The £49 Cote de Boeuf – a cut of ribeye steak – comes in “a unique serving box” according to the restaurant’s owners.

Jolie in Chelsea opened its doors on Thursday night and aims to “radicalise traditional French dishes”.

Made in Chelsea star Ollie Locke was at the opening night of the posh eatery and ordered the luggage-bound beef.

He posted a video of the antique looking bag on his Instagram story and said: “When we opened it it had all the smoke in it.”

The unusual serving style was posted on the Reddit forum ‘We Want Plates’ which “crusades against serving food on bits of wood and roof tiles, chips in mugs and drinks in jam jars”. One user joked: “I guess it saves having to ask for a doggy bag.”

Another said: “Don’t order the Beef Wellington.”

A Twitter user said: “I drew the line at chips in little metal buckets and these people just keep sprinting right over it. What’s wrong with plates? Can we go back to plates?”

Two years ago a Masterchef winner’s restaurant was slammed for serving food directly onto diners’ hands.

Michelin-starred cook Anton Piotrowski prepared the apple puree and pork starters on the backs of customers’ fists instead of plates.

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