‘Didn’t come in here for a picture op,’ Kate and Prince William say of their job.


‘Didn’t come in here for a picture op,’ Kate and Prince William say of their job.

According to adventurer and presenter Steve Backshall, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William are “owning” their legacy-making effort.

On October 13, Kate and William visited Kew Gardens in west London to highlight the Duke of Cambridge’s commitment to combating the world’s most pressing environmental issues. They sat down with students from The Heathland School in Hounslow at Kew and brainstormed solutions to problems including pollution and climate change.

And the A-listers who took part in the engagement with them commended their dedication and approach to this endeavor.

According to Mr. Backshall, who spoke to Town & Country magazine, “They sat down with the children and spent half an hour listening to them and working with them.

“They didn’t come in here for a picture op; instead, they came to sit, converse, and listen to children.

“People understand and relate with it because it comes from the heart, it’s true, and it’s genuine.

“It’s really simple, especially if you’re in their position, to simply add your name as a tag to a large project and then do nothing with it.

“But they’re not doing that; they’re living it, embracing it, and I believe others will notice.”

As part of the Generation Earthshot program, an outgrowth of Prince William’s Earthshot Prize, Kate and William encouraged children to come up with creative ideas during their visit.

The Prize will be awarded to a total of 50 individuals, countries, or groups over the next decade who can come up with practical solutions to five key environmental concerns.

The first award ceremony will take held on October 17 at London’s Alexandra Palace, with celebrities and climate activists scheduled to attend.

Generation Earthshot, on the other hand, isn’t a competition, but it does urge children above the age of ten from all over the world to consider the best ways to help heal our planet.

According to British Olympic rower Helen Glover, who was also in Kew yesterday, the fact that William and Kate are directly involved with Earthshot lends the effort “credibility” and creates “a buzz and enthusiasm” around it.

She stated, ” “When they walked in the room, we could feel it, and the kids were all excited because they thought what we were doing was so important.

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