Did Tom Cruise devour TWO chicken tikkas at an Indian restaurant in Birmingham?


Did Tom Cruise devour TWO chicken tikkas at an Indian restaurant in Birmingham?

TOM CRUISE was an unusual visitor to a Birmingham restaurant last night, as he continues to film Mission: Impossible 7 across the UK.

Outside Asha’s restaurant, Tom Cruise was all grins with restaurant personnel after apparently enjoying not one, but two Chicken Tikka Masala meals. The 59-year-old was seen wearing a dark blue jumper, trousers, and a blue jacket in casual attire.

On their Twitter page today, Asha’s restaurant, which is owned by actress Asha Bhosle, posted a photo of the actor outdoors with staff.

He smiled for the camera while holding tight to his face covering.

“It was an incredible joy to welcome Tom Cruise to Asha’s Birmingham yesterday evening,” the restaurant’s social media team tweeted.

“Tom ordered our famous Chicken Tikka Masala and loved it so much that he requested it again as soon as he finished – the highest compliment.”

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Many Twitter users raced to the post to leave comments, the majority of them were shocked to learn that it was him.

“Is that the genuine Tom Cruise????” one person wondered.

“Yes, he joined us yesterday evening,” the restaurant’s social team responded.

“Are you sure it’s not his stunt double?” a second said.

“That’s a doppelgänger. “Come on,” said a third.

“I suppose that’s Cruise,” wrote another.

“He’s preoccupied with his height and takes photos that make him appear taller than he is, like this one.”

A fifth remarked, “To be fair, his face has been looking extremely different recently.”

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Just hours before, the Top Gun star was sighted in the city’s Grand Central shopping mall.

He was seen speaking to what appeared to be members of his crew while dressed in the same attire and wearing a face covering.

A representative for Tom has been approached for comment by this website.

Following a series of setbacks, filming for Mission: Impossible 7 has begun.

Camera and production work has been done in Warner Bros Studios in Hertfordshire as well as on location throughout the United Kingdom.

Tom shocked residents in the North Yorkshire village of Levisham in April when he arrived by helicopter for a shoot.

The star also took selfies from a safe distance. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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