‘Dictator!’ Macron is facing a “great” revolution, and the French are envious of the UK’s “complete freedom.”


‘Dictator!’ Macron is facing a “great” revolution, and the French are envious of the UK’s “complete freedom.”

Following the contentious Covid health pass’s introduction in France, EMMANUEL MACRON has been accused of establishing a “health dictatorship.”

On Thursday, France’s constitutional body approved an extension to the law, prompting widespread condemnation from officials across the country, who called for a public outcry. MEP Florian Philippot stated that the public had been duped because the pass continues to restrict access to cafes, restaurants, and some trains. He has called for big demonstrations on Saturday to demonstrate that the population would not accept Mr Macron’s legislation.

“With this judgment, the Constitutional Council betrays the Constitution, France, and the French,” stated the leader of Les Patriotes.

“This Saturday, August 7th, the demonstration must be big!

“The people must be proud and stay firm in the face of institutions that have deceived them!”

Joffrey Bollee, a member of the Les Patriotes party, applauded the UK for refusing to implement domestic vaccine passports.

“Look across the Channel to see how serious and absolutely ridiculous this is: faced with the same health reality, the British choose total freedom, while France, by legislation, establishes a health dictatorship,” he stated.

“There is no need to allow lies to triumph, no reason to succumb to hygienic ignorance; the Health Pass, like lockdowns, will have no effect on the epidemic.

“We are the only ones who can guarantee our liberty!

“Everyone to the August 7th demonstration!”

In July, Mr. Macron introduced the new regulation, which comes as the Delta version has reached a fourth wave in France.

On August 5, the Constitutional Court announced that the law would be extended and that it would take effect on August 9 with new clauses.

Vaccinations will now be required for health care employees and firefighters as well.

Those who refuse to get vaccinated may have their contracts terminated.

Despite the fact that the first announcement in July sparked a wave of vaccinations, Mr Macron has faced internal upheaval in France, with thousands of people going to the streets to protest the vaccine bill.

The Interior Ministry said that over 200,000 people demonstrated across France last weekend, demonstrating the country’s displeasure.

3,000 anti-riot police personnel were deployed in Paris to deal with the protests.

The FA SPP-PATS (Autonomous Federation of Professional Firefighters and Specialized Administrative and Technical Staff) has denounced plans to require mandatory vaccinations for some important workers.

The union, which has 7,000 members, has threatened to strike over the law.

Mr. Macron, on the other hand, launched an attack. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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