Dick Farrel has died. Before dying of Covid, an anti-vax radio personality exclaimed, “I wish I had it.”


Dick Farrel has died. Before dying of Covid, an anti-vax radio personality exclaimed, “I wish I had it.”

After catching the virus, DICK FARREL, a radio presenter in the United States who was a vociferous opponent of the Covid vaccine, died.

Dick Farrel, a 65-year-old anti-vax radio broadcaster, died of Covid on August 4. Dr. Anthony Fauci, Chief of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, had urged his listeners not to get vaccinated, and he was a critic of him.

Dr. Fauci, Mr. Farrel claimed, was a “power-tripping lying freak” who collaborated with “power trip libb loons.” “So, you don’t think that was a SCAM DEMIC?” he wrote on Facebook in June. “NO ELECTED DEMOCRAT HAS EVER BEEN FOUND POSITIVE.”

“Why take a vax recommended by those who misled to you all along about masks?” he said of the vaccine last month.

Mr Farrel’s attitude shifted after catching the infection, according to friends.

Amy Leigh Hair, a close friend of Mr Farrel’s, wrote on Facebook: “Covid took one of my best friends!” Dick Farrel, rest in peace. I took the shot because of him.

“He texted me and said, ‘Get it!'” ‘I wish I had had it!’ he added, adding that this illness is no joke.

“I was one of the many like him who didn’t trust the vaccine,” Ms Hair told Florida news station WPTV. I had faith in my immune system. I grew more terrified of contracting Covid than of the vaccine’s prospective negative effects. “It’s a good thing I got vaccinated.”

Dick Farrel formerly worked as a Newsmax fill-in TV host in 2018 and has his own radio talk program in Florida.

“He fought like a tiger,” Mr Farrel’s partner Kit Farley posted on Facebook. Please don’t wait to seek medical help for this sickness. Yes, it has minor consequences for some, but it can be fatal for others.

“He was dubbed the second Rush Limbaugh. I can only say, with a sorrowful heart, that this was so unexpected. “He will be much missed.”

“Dick was a pioneer ‘shock talk’ personality, certainly here in South Florida, and a faithful friend both personally and to listeners here for decades,” Mick McCabe, creative director of radio broadcaster Hubbard South Florida, told WPTV.


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