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Devoted mum, 41, shows off enchanted garden she made for her daughter with items from Kmart

A devoted mother has shared how she created an adorable ‘enchanted garden’ for her 20-month-old daughter, Andee, and how you can too.

Joanna Roos, 41, from Darwin, said her daughter has always loved fairy tales and the idea of fairy tale kingdoms, but buying a ready-made enchanted garden can cost thousands of dollars.

Instead, the handy mum decided to put her creative skills to good use and spent five months making her own for Andee with items from Bunnings Warehouse and Kmart.

Joanna told FEMAIL she estimates she spent less than $500 on the entire creation.

When looking for inspiration, Joanna said she looked around online and at other gardens.

‘I thought the cheapest and best idea would be to look at ordinary items and how they could be used in other ways,’ she explained.

‘For instance, I found some wooden bird houses in Kmart for $5 each and so I made all of the fairy shops using these as the base.’

The mum included a post office, butchers and greengrocers in her ‘fairy shops’.

She then sourced ‘lovely hollow logs’ from her back yard and found some wicker hanging baskets from Bunnings, which contributed in making the perfect roof. 

Elsewhere, Joanna said she used old tin cans for a Wizard of Oz set, as well as a bike she meant to send to the tip for some fairy lights and  decorations. 

‘I purchased a dog kennel from Facebook Martketplace, and turned it into a gingerbread house with some pool noodles and a lick of paint,’ she said.

‘The whole thing took a few months, but it was well worth it when I saw the look on Andee’s face when she saw it.

‘She absolutely loves it.’ 

Joanna said she spent ‘well under $500’ on the transformation in her back garden.

Speaking about her tips for others who want to pull of something special, the mum said you need to be prepared to ‘look for inspiration online and use your imagination’.

‘Think about what you might like to put in your garden, and then think about the ordinary low cost items you could use to achieve it,’ she said. 

‘Sometimes, I found I had to modify my ideas as I went along, but it’s your vision and your imagination so whatever works.’

When Joanna shared pictures of the garden on Facebook, more than 2,000 people were quick to congratulate her on her handiwork:

‘Omg that’s amazing!! You have done such a great job, very creative,’ one woman posted. 

‘Gorgeous, I’m sure your little princess will adore it,’ another added.

A third said: ‘You win the global pandemic award for most creative home garden project. So sweet.’

Others revealed they couldn’t wait to try something similar for their children. 

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