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Devastated teen cries for help after devil dog mauls her beloved pooch to death before ‘cowardly’ owner flees

A TEENAGER sobbed for help after a devil dog mauled her beloved pooch to death before the “cowardly” owner fled the scene.

Renata Aladenika was walking her miniature pinscher Rocco when a bullmastiff ran over and “shook him like a rag doll”.

The 18-year-old filmed the owner dragging the dog away by the collar as Rocco lay helplessly bleeding in the grass in Woolwich Common, South East London.

Rocco suffered catastrophic haemorrhaging in his neck. His injuries were so severe that he had to be put to sleep.

Renata claimed the owner offered to give her a lift to the vets but she fled the scene with her bullmastiff.

The college student, from Charlton, South East London, said: “It felt like this giant devil dog versus our tiny Rocco.

“He was a tenth of his weight, so he didn’t stand a chance. To lose him like this was so traumatic.”

The heartbroken 18-year-old said Rocco was her best friend as he helped improve her confidence.

The pair had been walking in the park on Sunday evening when the vicious bullmastiff attacked the miniature pinscher.

As they were heading home, Renata saw a woman and another dog off its lead coming from the left.

Rocco approached it and after giving a warning growl, the bullmastiff had his neck in his mouth.

“He was screaming for help. I could hear him yelping the whole time, and I was screaming trying to get help,” Renata said.

“The woman was telling the dog to let go. I was trying to pull him away but it wasn’t working as the dog’s jaw was very strong.”

The bullmastiff was still shaking Rocco for another minute even after he had stopped moving, it’s reported.

Renata filmed the incident so she would have evidence of who was responsible for the attack.

The woman told Renata that the little pooch was still breathing.

“After an attack like that I honestly thought Rocco was dead,” she said.

Renata’s mum drove them to the vets where Rocco was monitored overnight. His injuries were too severe that he had to be put to sleep.

When they saw Rocco lying on the table in the vets, Renata said “it didn’t feel real” as he is usually an energetic pooch.

“I held his paw and I told him that it was ok, he was whining and it felt like he was trying to fight and survive,” Renata said.

The family buried Rocco in their garden.

The 18-year-old hopes the dog owner can be tracked down.

“The way the owner handled it really made me feel like i needed to get justice for him,” she said.

“The way she ran away with her dog and left me to deal with Rocco alone was a cowardly thing to do.

“It made me feel like she was trying to get away with it and I don’t think she should, it’s a public menace.”

The Metropolitan Police have made no arrests and enquiries continue, a spokesperson said.

The family were billed £1,300 in vet costs. Donations can be made here.

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