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Details emerge of how jilted mum allegedly killed her ex when she caught him with another woman

Shocking details have emerged of how a Sydney mother allegedly murdered her ex-lover with her car.

Jackline Musa had an argument with Payman Thagipur in the car park of his apartment complex in Wentworth Point in Sydney’s west in June and then allegedly got behind the wheel of her Toyota Kluger.

The 44-year-old allegedly drove into him, throwing him several metres across the floor before pinning the 31-year-old against the wall of the car park with her car.

Residents inside the apartment complex said the whole building shook as a result of the impact of the car hitting the wall. 

Graphic CCTV footage of the incident was played in Downing Centre Local Court on Tuesday, showing Mr Thagipur following Musa out of his apartment before the incident occurred.

In the footage Musa is seen getting out of her car after the collision and then standing over Mr Thagipur’s crumpled body.

The court heard Musa had smashed through Mr Thagipur’s garage door and caught him with another woman.

Musa previously claimed to police Mr Thagipur jumped out in front of her as she was leaving the car park.

Daily Telegraph reported Magistrate Jacqueline Milledge said Musa’s actions looked deliberate.

‘She walks toward where the victims is lying … she doesn’t render any assistance to him despite the fact she’s an aged care worker, she is used to rendering assistance when it’s needed,’ she said. 

‘It does appear on the face of it that it was an intentional act, it was done with speed and with force – it appears to be once he was struck she just continued until she could go no further because his body and car came into contact with the wall. 

‘I have grave concerns that her disposition is such that she would be at risk of further offending in terms of if she was released.’

Musa was denied bail and will return to court in August.

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