Despite the Omicron surge, Boris is unable to close schools due to a crippling fear.


Despite the Omicron surge, Boris is unable to close schools due to a crippling fear.

According to one expert, BORIS JOHNSON would have a difficult time closing schools.

Despite rising Omicron cases, Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi hasn’t ruled out closing schools.

Unlike previous lockdowns and school closures, the UK lacks a furlough program.

This means that parents would be unable to take time off work to homeschool their children without incurring a significant financial loss.

According to Christine Farquharson, a senior research economist at the Institute for Fiscal Studies, if Mr Johnson wanted to proceed with school closures without reintroducing furlough, he would have to significantly broaden the definition of “key worker.”

Prior to this, key workers were permitted to send their children to school even when it was closed to the general public.

“There have always been exemptions for essential workers, for their children to go into childcare,” Ms Farquharson told This website. “I think you would have to make that a really broad category and make it so it includes everybody who isn’t able to look after their children and work.”

“But then you get into a situation where a lot of people say, ‘Oh, that’s me.'”

Koru Kids, a UK-based childcare agency, is led by Rachel Carrell, the CEO and founder.

Trying to juggle work and school was “completely impossible” for many parents, she said, during previous school closures.

“There’s a huge amount of fear and uncertainty around right now,” Ms Carrell told this website.

“During the first lockdown in March, many parents tried to work while caring for their children.

“However, many parents discovered that this was impossible, and their employers began to recognize this as well.

“As a result, parents were at their wit’s end.

“It was just so difficult for parents to support homeschooling,” says one parent.

“We saw a lot of cases where one of the parents took a furlough to support homeschooling, which was still difficult.

“We know that far more women than men did that, which is a common story – women taking a step back in their careers and being the ones to sacrifice.”

“However, by the end of the first lockdown, parents were completely exhausted – and.

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