Despite the ban, Disney enthusiasts discreetly scatter ashes on popular theme park rides.


Despite the ban, Disney enthusiasts discreetly scatter ashes on popular theme park rides.

MILLIONS of people visit Disney theme parks each year for a taste of magic, but some have more unusual reasons for going.

It is described as the happiest place on earth, and millions of people visit the Disney theme parks every year. A place of magic and wonder; a haven for those who desire to escape the monotony of everyday life. Visitors frequently express their desire to never leave, flinching at the prospect of removing the mouse ears and returning to their day jobs. However, according to long-held urban legends, some people take the desire to not depart too literally.

It has long been speculated on the internet and later ‘confirmed’ by former-cast members (park employees) that scattering the ashes of loved ones throughout the grounds and on the attractions themselves at Disneyland resorts is a regular practice.

It has grown to the point where Disney has spoken out against it in the past, stating that it is not permitted or tolerated.

In simple terms, scattering human ashes on private land is against the Health and Safety Code.

Disney is no stranger to urban legends, the kinds of stories that inevitably swirl around a company recognized for its “magic” and cautious approach to operating amusement parks around the world.

An approach that is in place to hide the mundane, keep the magic alive, and provide guests with a truly unique experience.

Of course, this sliver of anonymity can allow people’s imaginations to go wild, leading to the disclosure of stories that may or may not be genuine.

If there are as many attempted ashes scattering instances as the internet, particularly Reddit, leads us to believe, then such an act has been carried out by visitors for a long time.

Despite Disney’s efforts to prevent it, treating any of the Disney theme parks as a final resting place for a loved one may be taking place behind closed doors.

Grandad’s ashes were scattered on the brink of space 32,000 feet above Earth.

According to Insider, occurrences of ashes scattering on Disney property occurred as frequently as once a month in 2018.

There are, as with any long-standing urban legend, “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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