Despite stepping back, Prince Andrew can STILL act as Queen’s representative, according to royal law.


Despite stepping back, Prince Andrew can STILL act as Queen’s representative, according to royal law.

Despite having stepped down from public life several months ago, PRINCE ANDREW might still fill in for the Queen as a Counsellor of State.

Prince Andrew is still one of the four people who can temporarily fill in for the Queen if she is unable to carry out her official duties. Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince Harry are among those who have the title of Counsellor of State, according to the Royal Family’s official website,

When asked why the Duke of York is still listed among the holders of this title on the Firm’s website, a Buckingham Palace representative declined to comment, referring This website to the Royal Family’s webpage clarifying the definition and functions of Counsellors of State.

The job of Counsellor is assigned by legislation, according to

“By law, Counsellors of State include the Sovereign’s spouse and the following four people in the line of succession who are over the age of 21,” the document states.

Between the Queen’s accession to the throne in February 1952 till his death in April, Prince Philip kept the function of Counsellor of State.

Prince Charles is the heir to the monarchy and the first in line to succeed to the throne when the Queen’s reign ends.

Prince William, his firstborn, is second in line, followed by his three children, all under the age of 21.

As a result, Prince Harry, who is sixth in line to the throne, is the third Counsellor of State, followed by Prince Andrew, who is ninth in line after the births of Archie Harrison in May 2019 and Lilibet Diana in June 2021.

The Dukes of Sussex and York will be replaced as Counsellors of State when Prince George, eight, Princess Charlotte, six, and Prince Louis, three, reach the age of 21.

According to the website, the position of Counsellor of State was created in 1937, one year after King Edward VIII abdicated his throne to marry Wallis Simpson.

This unprecedented deed propelled his brother King George VI to the throne and established Princess Elizabeth as the country’s next Queen.

“Shortly after George VI ascended to the throne in 1936, a new Regency Act was passed, providing a rule for all future.”Brinkwire Summary News,” the website said.


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