Despite officials’ urge for video calls, Queen sought to “move away from Zoom calls.”


Despite officials’ urge for video calls, Queen sought to “move away from Zoom calls.”

Despite Palace officials pushing virtual engagements, the Queen wished to “move away from Zoom calls,” according to royal analyst Russell Myers.

In a new photograph released this week, Queen Elizabeth II, 95, attended one of her first face-to-face encounters in a long time. On Wednesday, the monarch was spotted in the Oak Room with Sir Nick Carter, the outgoing Chief of the Defence Staff, using a walking stick. The gathering was the Queen’s first public appearance since Buckingham Palace confirmed she had damaged her back last weekend.

Her Majesty was unable to attend a wreath-laying ceremony at the Cenotaph in London due to her injury.

The Queen, along with other senior royals, had been determined to attend the Remembrance Sunday service.

Her absence was the latest in a series of postponements for the monarch, who has been advised to rest by doctors.

The COP26 climate change meeting in Glasgow earlier this month was one of the most important events the Queen was scheduled to attend.

The king, on the other hand, declined to come in person and instead sent a video greeting to delegates.

Despite Palace aides’ support for the Queen’s digital appearances, the monarch wishes to “move away from Zoom calls,” according to Russell Myers, royal editor of the Daily Mirror.

The expert was interviewed on Zoe Forsey’s royal podcast, ‘Pod Save The Queen,’ shortly after it was announced that the Queen will not attend COP26.

“The Queen has been imprisoned up in Windsor Castle for the better part of the last 18 months,” he remarked.

“I know she’s done a few engagements and gotten up to Balmoral for a short respite right before she’s hit this unrelenting schedule in the last few weeks,” says the source.

“However, it was clear that she wanted to break away from the Zoom calls and meet people in person.”

Last month, the Queen took two weeks off from her formal engagements after physicians recommended her to relax.

She was also admitted to the King Edward VII hospital in London for examinations and spent the night there – her first hospital stay in eight years.

Mr Myers added that, despite the Queen’s health worries, the video conversations might be a “new dawn” for her.

“Certainly the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family were extremely keen to hit coming out of COVID,” he said. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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