Despite Meghan and Harry’s outrage, several royals have referred to the Queen as a family nickname.


Despite Meghan and Harry’s outrage, several royals have referred to the Queen as a family nickname.

An analyst claims that the Queen is referred to as “Aunt Lilibet” by certain members of the royal family.

The name Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s daughter was inspired by the Queen, who was affectionately nicknamed Lilibet as a child. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex honored the monarch by naming their daughter after her, but their use of her “secret” moniker drew controversy. However, royal analyst Marlene Koenig said that the Queen’s nickname is used by the majority of royal family members in private.

“Lilibet is the name she gave herself as a child since she couldn’t pronounce Elizabeth,” Ms Koenig told This website.

Her grandfather named a racehorse after her when she was a tiny girl. It’s how her family and friends refer to her in private.

“When Philip died, King Philippe of Spain wrote ‘Dear Aunt Lilibet’ in his condolence letter.

“It isn’t simply the immediate family,” she says.

“Other royals refer to her as Aunt Lilibet.

“They would address her as Her Majesty or the Queen in public, but Lord Snowdon and his cousins refer to her as Aunt Lilibet.”

In an effort to build bridges with the pair, royal analyst Ian Lloyd claims the Queen would have permitted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to use the name.

Mr Lloyd told Mail+’s Palace Confidential: “One of the things Harry and Meghan could have done is named the baby Elizabeth Diana and announced that she would be named Lili.”

“That wouldn’t have been controversial in the least.”

“It’s strange that they named their children after two of the world’s most renowned royals, considering they purportedly appreciate the fact of a private life and want their children to grow up away from the pressures of the monarchy,” he continued.

“I doubt the Queen would say anything if she didn’t agree because they’re trying to mend fences with the Sussexes.

“There’s always the fear that if she completely refuses to let them name the kid, they’ll end up on Oprah Winfrey following week.”

“I think she just wants an easy life at this age and to establish bridges, so she’ll just go with the flow,” he said.

The couple’s daughter’s name was mentioned in a chat with the Queen, according to a spokesman for the pair.

“In reality, the duke spoke with his family before the announcement.” Brinkwire Summary News, she said.


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