Despite ‘increasing pressure’ from Beijing, Taiwan’s leader takes a stand against China.


Despite ‘increasing pressure’ from Beijing, Taiwan’s leader takes a stand against China.

TAIWAN’S president delivered a speech on the island’s National Day, formally opposing reunification with China amid escalating tensions.

Beijing has not ruled out the use of force in the future to bring the democratically run island together. Last year, President Tsai Ing-Wen was re-elected by a landslide, owing to her vow to exert pressure on Beijing.

During her speech, she stated that Taiwan was “on the front lines of democracy’s defense.”

She stated that Taiwan would beef up its defenses to “guarantee that no one can force Taiwan to follow China’s course.”

“The more we succeed, the more pressure we face from China,” she remarked.

Since then, China has condemned her remarks, saying it “incited confrontation.”

China’s Taiwan Affairs Office said after Ms Tsai’s speech on Sunday that she had “advocated Taiwan independence, incited hostility, ripped apart history and contested facts.”

China has sent a record number of military jets into Taiwan’s air defense zone in the last week.

Following the military flights inside the air defense zone, President Tsai spoke about Taiwan’s national security, saying the situation was “more complex and variable than at any previous period in the preceding 72 years.”

Taiwan is only recognized as an independent country by a few countries, with the United Nations recognizing the island as “China” since 1971.

The island’s armed forces have roughly 300,000 active troops.

In the 1940s, China and Taiwan were split by a civil war, and China now claims to be reclaiming the island in the future.

Despite the fact that many Taiwan citizens want the island to be independent, China views Taiwan as a province of their territory.

Taiwan is adamantly opposed to Chinese reunification and Beijing’s authority.

Due to its own constitution and democratically elected authorities, Taiwan is widely regarded as an independent state.

President Xi Jinping has stated that there is “no room for any form of Taiwan independence,” and he has not ruled out the use of force to achieve his objectives.

“Xi Jinping has sent a very public and very obvious signal that Taiwan is not an issue that will be passed down to the next generation,” said Dr. Nick Bisley of La Trobe University in Australia.


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