Despite a spectacular election defeat, Barnier lectures Boris on Brexit plans.


Despite a spectacular election loss, Barnier lectures Boris on Brexit plans.

Despite his own election defeat, MICHEL BARNIER has lectured Boris Johnson on post-Brexit plans.

The former EU Brexit negotiator accused the UK government of acting like “pirates” and warned it not to “sacrifice” its relationship with the bloc, but he is known to have alienated some figures by ignoring aspects of the EU’s power during his unsuccessful French presidential campaign.

During an interview with Franceinfo, Mr Barnier delivered a message to Mr Johnson, emphasizing the importance of post-Brexit fishing rights.

By not granting enough licenses to French fishermen, he accused British ministers of “not respecting” their agreement with the EU on fishing and of acting like “pirates” in some areas.

He believes the European Commission could do more to ensure that more licenses are granted.

Mr. Barnier went on to say that the Prime Minister and his government must work harder to maintain a positive relationship with the EU because “we have so much to do together.”

“Mr Johnson must be cautious about the quality of our future relations because it is at stake,” he said.

“I believe Mr Johnson must exercise caution in order to avoid jeopardizing the future of our EU-UK and France-UK relations.”

We have so much to accomplish as a team.”

“We require good Franco-British cooperation, and the quality of that cooperation is contingent on the British honoring their signatures and commitments,” he added.

Despite his recent electoral defeat, Mr Barnier’s message is timely.

The European Union denies that crown stamps on pint glasses in the United Kingdom are prohibited.

In October, his political adviser, Daniel Fasquelle, said that “Barnier mania” was sweeping the political landscape.

“There is a snowball effect,” he added.

The support, however, was quickly depleted.

In December, Mr Barnier was eliminated from the race to become France’s next President after failing to defeat his party’s rivals in the primary.

With 23.93 percent, he finished third in this round, trailing fellow Les Republicains politicians Eric Ciotti (25.59 percent) and Valérie Pécresse (25%).

During his campaign, he argued that the EU should return some power to France.

Despite his lectures to Mr. Johnson, his position appears to have harmed his relationships with a number of people.

Mujtaba Rahman, the director of the Eurasia Group, showed little remorse after losing the primary.

“Michel Barnier is out,” he declared.

“He squandered and.”

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