Despite a disagreement over ‘insulting’ counsel, Boris backs Cressida Dick.


Despite a disagreement over ‘insulting’ counsel, Boris backs Cressida Dick.

Despite a mounting debate about the police’s counsel to women and fallout over the murder of Sarah Everard, BORIS JOHNSON has thrown his support behind Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick.

After Wayne Couzens was sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping, rapping, and murdering Sarah Everard, the Metropolitan Police Service advised women to call 999 or “shout out to a passer-by, flee into a house, or wave a bus down” for assistance. Despite calls for Ms Dick to quit in the wake of Sarah’s murder by an acting Metropolitan Police officer and criticism of the Met’s advice to women, the Prime Minister stated that he “totally” supports her.

On Thursday afternoon, the Prime Minister said: “The horror of Sarah’s murder can’t be fully expressed in words.

“Like the rest of the country, I’ve been horrified by what we’ve heard during this sentencing, and the agony and suffering her family and friends have gone through is absolutely incomprehensible.”

“Our police officers are there to protect us, and I’m sure they’ll share our astonishment and disbelief at the blatant breach of their oath.

“People must be allowed to stroll down our streets without fear of harm, knowing that the police are there to protect them.”

“No woman should have to worry about being harassed or assaulted. We will do everything we can to prevent these heinous crimes and ensure the safety of our communities.” When asked if he supported Commissioner Dick, he responded, “definitely.”

Despite being placed under criminal investigation, two Metropolitan Police officers involved in a group chat with Wayne Couzens are claimed to be still on duty.

Couzens’ phone was confiscated after his detention, and a group chat allegedly included constables from three different units.

Couzens is said to have exchanged allegedly misogynistic and racist words with other cops throughout the talk.

The Metropolitan Police Service is accused of leaving two officers on duty while they are being investigated.

Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister, slammed Philip Allott for his remarks about Sarah Everard’s fraudulent arrest.

In the aftermath of Wayne Couzens’ arrest, Mr Allott stated women should be “streetwise” about their rights before later apologizing.

“These comments are disgusting,” Ms Sturgeon added. It is not up to women to solve this problem. “Brinkwire Summary News” says it isn’t.


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