Despite a blocked border, New Zealand allowed Google’s CEO into the nation, angering Jacinda Ardern.


Despite a blocked border, New Zealand allowed Google’s CEO into the nation, angering Jacinda Ardern.

Despite the country’s severe coronavirus laws, Google’s Larry Page was excused from New Zealand’s border closure, which has enraged JACINDA ARDERN.

The co-founder of a multinational technology corporation was granted a waiver from the border shutdown so that his son could undergo medical treatment. However, after admitting that Mr Page was let into New Zealand without her knowledge, Jacinda Ardern has faced blowback.

Throughout the Covid epidemic, Mr Page and his wife Lucinda Southworth had been residing in Fiji.

However, his son required medical attention, and the Google co-founder preferred that his infant be treated in an Auckland hospital.

Mr. Page and his kid were reportedly evacuated by air ambulance from New Zealand.

Mr Page “satisfied necessary standards” to be permitted entrance, according to Nicola Hogg, Immigration New Zealand’s general manager of border and visa operations.

Ms Hoff revealed to AFP that Mr Page is not a permanent resident of New Zealand.

“Citizenship is a subject for the Department of Internal Affairs,” she continued.

“We are unable to discuss further due to privacy concerns without a privacy waiver.”

During a grilling in Parliament, Health Minister Andrew Little claimed an application was approved in January for a kid to be medicated from Fiji with the help of an adult.

“All of the standard protocols occurred in this case,” he said, adding that anyone accepted for treatment is regarded to require immediate care and could not be treated locally.

Ms Ardern told reporters on Thursday morning that she had no idea Mr Page was in New Zealand and that she “wouldn’t be” if he was.

“We have about 100 medevacs into New Zealand in any given year,” she continued.

Clinicians decide whether or not to send a patient on a medevac.

“I am not advised of every single person… Politicians do not, and should not, make those decisions at any particular time.”

The leader of New Zealand’s opposition ACT Party, David Seymour, has urged Ms Ardern’s government to be transparent about Mr Page’s visit.

“The Government must explain why wealthy Google co-founder Larry Page was permitted into New Zealand while desperate Kiwis and split families are unable to cross the border,” he added.

He went on to say that while he sympathized with Mr Page’s plight, other New Zealanders were barred from entering the country.

“I had to tell them,’sorry, but there.’ Brinkwire Summary News,” he continued.


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