Desperate Starmer vows WAR on own Labour members, putting Corbyn supporters on the verge of collapse.


Desperate Starmer vows WAR on own Labour members, putting Corbyn supporters on the verge of collapse.

SIR KEIR STARMER is leading the anti-Corbynism campaign, promising to completely reform the party if he runs against Boris Johnson in the next election.

As he seeks to strengthen the party’s electoral offering, the Labour leader appeared to wage war on his own ranks last night. He promised to strengthen Labour’s ties with corporations, in sharp contrast to his predecessor.

He also urged members to embrace Tony Blair’s legacy, which is likely to enrage some members of the Opposition.

When Sir Keir was elected Labour leader in the spring of last year, he promised to follow Jeremy Corbyn’s policies in 2019.

He pledged to support mass re-nationalization, increased trade union power, and a corporation tax increase.

However, Sir Keir stated yesterday that the policies, which were criticized by many in the City during the last election, will be changed.

He told the Financial Times, “I’m acutely conscious that one of my first jobs is to restore the relationship between the Labour party and business.”

He went on to say that he just had one goal in mind: “to win the next election.”

Sir Keir went on to say that in order to get into No10, he was willing to confront dissenters in his own party head on.

“We have to turn the Labour Party inside out, and that is exactly what we have been doing for the last 18 months,” he stated.

“Too many of our members and supporters believe that winning an internal Labour Party debate would change the world – it won’t.

“We have to be honest with ourselves.”

Since Sir Keir took over, the Labour Party has suspended hundreds of members, many of whom were supporters of Jeremy Corbyn.

Last year, the former leader was briefly suspended from the party, and he continues to be denied the privilege to sit in the Commons with Labour MPs.

Four far-left sections that were vociferous backers of Mr Corbyn’s leadership were also banned by the party’s ruling executive committee last month.

Any member of the Labour Party who is proven to be a member of one of the four groupings will be automatically removed from the party.

During a visit to Scotland yesterday, the St Pancras and Holborn MP heaped accolades on Tony Blair.

“We have to be proud of that record in government and not be arm’s length or distant,” he said, urging Labour to highlight Mr Blair’s achievements while in office.Brinkwire Summary News”.


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