Dementia: An ‘early signal’ that is frequently’missed’ when watching a film.


Dementia is an ‘early signal’ that is often’missed’ when watching a movie.

Memory loss is frequently assumed to be the first sign of dementia, but this is not always true.

When watching a movie, a “missed” early warning sign can appear, according to Hussain Abdeh, Superintendent Pharmacist at Medicine Direct.

Dementia is a broad term that refers to a collection of symptoms that are linked to the deterioration of the brain.

Memory loss is a common depiction of dementia, but it is not always the first red flag.

Indeed, according to Hussain Abdeh, Superintendent Pharmacist at Medicine Direct, “the early symptoms are often more subtle if you start developing it before the age of 65.”

“Behavioral and personality changes are often early indicators of dementia,” Mr Abdeh continued, “although they are frequently misdiagnosed when they occur in younger people.”

A person who is extremely enthusiastic about a hobby or activity, for example, may become apathetic and lose interest in it, according to the pharmacist.

He explained, “This can result in a general feeling of apathy and disinterest.”

Mr Abdeh cautioned that one telltale sign could appear while watching a movie.

“You may have concentration problems, such as being unable to follow the plot of a movie,” the pharmacist cautioned.

Mood shifts such as depression or personality shifts, according to Mr Abdeh, can also be early warning signs.

He warned that a normally outgoing person could become very introverted.

According to the pharmacist, efforts to detect dementia are frequently hampered by a lack of symptom awareness.

“Many health professionals miss these signs in younger adults, and they could be attributed to more common factors like work stress,” says the author.

Medical, lifestyle, and environmental factors are all risk factors for dementia.

Some risk factors can be avoided, while others are beyond our power to influence.

The Alzheimer’s Society (AS) explains that “the biggest risk factors for dementia for most people are age and genes.”

However, dementia can be exacerbated by a variety of lifestyle factors.

What is good for the heart is good for the brain, as a general rule.

A healthy lifestyle can also help prevent cardiovascular diseases like stroke and heart attacks, which are risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia (the two most common types of dementia), according to the NHS.

Other risk factors, according to research, may also be important.

These are a few examples:

It’s been proven through research.

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