Insist on the House of Lords overturning Boris’ decision on social care costs.


Insist on the House of Lords overturning Boris’ decision on social care costs.

The House of Lords has challenged Boris Johnson’s decision on social care costs.

The House of Lords should overturn Boris Johnson’s decision to lower the social care cost cap, according to charities and campaigners.

They have expressed concerns that the changes, which will be scrutinized by Peers, will disproportionately affect the poor.

The Prime Minister faces a bruising battle on the issue after narrowly passing his policy on Monday night, despite 19 Conservative MPs rebelling and dozens more abstaining.

Ministers were unable to say whether the increase in the £86,000 care cost threshold fulfilled an election promise that no one would have to sell their home to pay for it.

Backbench Tory critics joined experts and Labour MPs in warning that counting only individual payments toward the cap, rather than local government contributions, would cost less well-off recipients more in assets.

Former health secretary Jeremy Hunt predicts another U-turn by the government.

“I sincerely hope the government revisits this issue before the next election,” he said, “because it makes it more difficult to sell to the entire country.”

Peers have urged members of Parliament to reconsider their stances.

“The Government’s amendment may have passed the House of Commons, but the House of Lords will no doubt fulfill its constitutional role and give it the thorough scrutiny it deserves,” Caroline Abrahams, Age UK’s charity director, said.

“We are hoping for a vote in the House of Commons to overturn it.”

Nobody can deny that the amendment undermines the government’s plan to limit catastrophic health-care costs by protecting only the wealthy.

“This is unfair because the people who most need protection from medical bills wiping out their assets are the ones who are least likely to receive it.”

Many of these people will have bought their council homes using the ‘right to buy,’ which is an extraordinary situation that this group of ministers has created.”

The House of Lords will examine it “very, very carefully,” according to Baroness Finlay of Llandaff.

“It’s possible that we say to the Commons, ‘Can you think again?’ There’s clearly a lot of concern,” the crossbencher, a palliative medicine professor, said.

Dennis Reed, director of Silver Voices, urged the Prime Minister to “revise his strategy.”

“This flimsy plan does not justify the national,” he added.

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