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Defiant Brits brave torrential rain to enjoy big nights out across the country

PARTYGOERS yesterday defiantly partied on despite torrential showers.

Much of the UK was covered by black clouds as the recent warm weather turned chilly and the heavens opened.

But defiant revellers didn’t let the turn of weather ruin their big night out.

Pictures show girls dressed to the nines using clutch bags as makeshift umbrellas and carrying on the party, despite their damp blow drys and soggy sandals.

Snaps taken in Leeds and Manchester prove northern partygoers are not fazed by much as boozed up Brits in short sleeves and skirts braved the cold rain to carry on the night.

Despite the chilly showers, yesterday was relatively warm with highs of 25C in North Wales, meanwhile Manchester’s evening temperature was around 17C and Leeds’ a little colder at 14C.


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