‘Deception!’ says Kim Jong-un after rejecting a US invitation to begin talks.


‘Deception!’ says Kim Jong-un after rejecting a US invitation to begin talks.

KIM JONG-UN has dismissed a US offer to initiate dialogue as a “facade” and accused the US of continuing to pursue a “hostile policy” against North Korea.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un spoke in parliament on Wednesday, rejecting US Vice President Joe Biden’s offer to start talks.

Kim Jong-un, on the other hand, has directed officials to resume dialogue with South Korea in order to “advance peace.”

Since the failure of the February 2019 Hanoi summit, negotiations between North Korea and the United States have been at a stalemate.

When then-President Donald Trump indicated days before the summit that he didn’t need Kim to make any more concessions, the negotiations fell apart.

“We’re happy as long as there aren’t any tests [of nuclear weapons and missiles],” Trump stated.

However, the US has repeatedly invited Pyongyang to continue talks under the new Biden government.

According to the official Rodong Sinmun newspaper, the declarations are “nothing more than a veneer to hide their deception and hostile conduct, and an extension of hostile policy from previous administrations.”

South Korea “still follows the US,” according to Kim, who also stated that “mutual respect must be ensured, and unfair viewpoints and double standards mindset must be abolished.”

While Kim has refused to engage in dialogue with the US, Washington stated on Wednesday that it has “no hostile intent” toward North Korea and is open to talks.

A State Department spokeswoman told the Guardian, “We expect the DPRK will respond positively to our approach.”

The snub to the US comes just a day after the South Korean military announced that North Korea had fired a short-range missile.

According to sources, the weapon was launched into the East Sea on Tuesday.

The Japanese Defense Ministry stated that a ballistic weapon seemed to be launched, but the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the South did not provide any additional information.

The latest projectile launch follows a ballistic missile test conducted by both North and South Korea on September 15, just hours apart.

The North launched two ballistic missiles across its East coast, marking the first such test in six months.


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